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You will be helped and supported to discuss and explore your career preferences, choices and opportunities.

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The average person will spend at least 100,000 hours at work in their lifetime so it is absolutely vital that you are doing what yours’re meant to do – Work that fits with your abilities, gifts and talents, interests and chosen life style. You will be helped and supported to discuss and explore your career preferences, choices and opportunities. To explore any choices you have previously made and whether these were the right choices for you and who or what influenced you to make these choices. You will look at, to what extent, you ‘live to work’ or ‘work to live’? You will explore your ‘work – life balance’. you may explore and discuss Workaholism, perfectionism and job satisfaction, problems at work – your boss and line management, leadership, mentoring, disciplinary issues, conflict of interest, motivation, management and leadership styles, stresses at work, health and safety issues, compliance, professional development, ambition, mentoring and boredom as well as the ‘good enough’ job. You will work out just what it is that you want to do work and leisure – wise and look at ways of achieving what you want and desire.

Many people are not happy in their work. They work to live rather than live to work.
Many jobs are pretty boring, mundane and repetitive. Some are dangerous. All employment effects a person’s lifestyle, wealth, time, work – life balance, status ….
Not many of us think deeply about our employment choices or get appropriate guidance when making employment choices.
Some of us go into jobs to please our parents or loved ones or just to earn money and may find that after a time in one employment they no longer get satisfaction from the job and would like to change jobs.
Others are faced with redundancy and HAVE to make new choices which may involve retraining. More people are now taking early retirement or setting up their own consultancies or businesses and working from home.
Many young people can expect to change jobs very frequently and face periods of unemployment, others have to take decisions about employment as a result of ill health.
Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with all of this

How therapy can help you

By allowing you to discuss and explore your issues, problems and concerns in a safe, supportive, confidential and professional environment where you will be heard and understood and helped to come to come to terms with and resolve your issues, problems and concerns. With over an experience of more then 10 years in counseling and therapy, we follow certain process so the things are systematically in place and our clients can get started with ease

    We always offer a free introductory session where we can both get to known other and we can listen to your presenting issues and problems. We will ask you what you are hoping to get from the sessions and if spun want us to we will explain our qualifications, credentials and ways of working.


    You may book a session with us via website or by simply calling us on the given phone number


    Towards the end of this session your counsellor/ psychotherapist will summarize what you have told him/her and give you a ’guesstimate' of how many sessions may be required. `This will be revised if necessary after every session.

Our Therapy Process

At the end of the session you can walk away without any further obligation for you can choose to accept the contract and get started. The first introductory session is always free with no obligation on your part to continue. After that it’s £45 per hour session

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We‘re passionate about empowering you and we aim to stimulate, motivate and challenge you, to support and guide you, and to work with you.

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