Being a full-time psychologist,
I help solving issues to heal
mental problems for people..

I’m Dr. Martin Williams – Expert Psychologist from

PhD, M.Ed (Humanistic Psychology & Human Relations, Dip. Counselling & Pastoral Care, PGCE, BA (Hons) BACP
I am extending my successful practice from Edinburgh & London to Glenfarg. I am a former Senior Lecturer at the University of Dundee, has many years of experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist, a supervisor and trainer with orgnisations like Couple Counselling Scotland, Cruse Bereavement Counselling and Parent to Parent. I am specialised in working with children and families and also works with adults, leaders, couples, work-place teams and groups.

I can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

We‘re UP
The Ultimate People Empowerment Consultancy. lt’s all about YOU...!

We aim to work with all kinds of people, individuals, couples, families, teams and organisations in order to help them better explore, clarify and discover ways to live and love to the full and make a real contribution with whoever and whatever they choose or are responsible to and for.

A Psychologist, a Father and a Granddad

I love my life and my work. I would do it for free if I did not have rent to pay, a need to eat and orphans in Swaziland to support. That’s just as long as you would feed me chocolate from time to time! I love to read and travel. I like to listen to music and I enjoy inspiring people. I enjoy riding my bike, walking my dog, cooking good food and taking photographs.
  • I want to educate, inspire, entertain and challenge you!

    I want you to enjoy deep learning, questioning, and challenging. I want your learning to make a real difference to your lives. In order to achieve this I need to remember that one style wont suit all of you and so I must constantly adapt and change my approaches to meet your needs. But first I must try and ascertain your needs.

  • I will be approachable, respectful and trustworthy.

    I know that to counsel well, I have to listen to you deeply and actively and engage you Most of all I want my counselling and psychotherapy sessions, my workshops and seminars, my lectures, tutorials and courses, I know that to teach well I need to engage you holistically, engaging and working with your physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social dimensions.

  • I want and need constructive feedback from you.

    I must constantly ask you for feedback and not become defensive or complacent about what I hear. Most of all I want my Workshops and Courses to make a significant impact on the short, middle and long term of your lives, As well as to enhance and improve the way you live and love for the benefit of all the people you come into contact with everyday.

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    We‘re passionate about empowering you and we aim to stimulate, motivate and challenge you, to support and guide you, and to work with you.

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