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    We‘re passionate about empowering you and we aim to stimulate, motivate and challenge you, to support and guide you, and to work with you.

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    We‘re passionate about empowering you and we aim to stimulate, motivate and challenge you, to support and guide you, and to work with you.

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    I’m Dr. Martin Williams – Expert Psychologist from

    PhD, M.Ed (Humanistic Psychology & Human Relations, Dip. Counselling & Pastoral Care, PGCE, BA (Hons) BACP
    I am extending my successful practice from Edinburgh & London to Glenfarg. I am a former Senior Lecturer at the University of Dundee, has many years of experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist, a supervisor and trainer with orgnisations like Couple Counselling Scotland, Cruse Bereavement Counselling and Parent to Parent. I am specialised in working with children and families and also works with adults, leaders, couples, work-place teams and groups.

    I can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

    Ms Rosemary Mwanza. Practice Manager

    PA to Dr Martin Williams
    Ultimate People Empowerment Consultancy

    I was born and raised in Lusaka Zambia.
    I am 20 years of age and I completed my secondary education in 2019.
    I have previously worked at Sesemba General Dealers as a mobile money agent.
    My interests include reading, writing and reciting poems, fashion, modelling and signing.  
    I also have a big interest in helping people and being helped to be better myself.

    Martin was my child psychologist when I was in primary school. His intervention in my life changed everything, when he told my mother I was a good kid (or something to that effect) she cried because it was the first time she hard heard anything positive said about me in the school system. Martin worked closely with me, including doing art therapy, and still has my drawings 30 years later. I had serious behavioural problems, and with Martin it was the first time these had been addressed at the root. My experience of Martin is that he was, and remains, fundamentally kind, honest and sincere. I left school at age16 but returned to education in my 30s, eventually achieving First Class Honours in Philosophy in 2014, followed by a Masters in Continental Philosophy a year later. I believe that without Martin’s early role in my psychological development and education none of that would have been possible.

    Scott Gallacher MA MLitt, University of Dundee

    After I took up my second Headship at St George’s School, Edinburgh in 1994, I soon made contact with Martin, who was then Senior Lecturer in Humanistic Psychology and Human Relations in the School of Education, Community Education and Social Work at the University of Dundee. Martin was seconded to St George’s School in the late nineties as a part-time Research Fellow, with the aim of developing teaching and learning by enabling us all to use research as an essential part of professional practice. His secondment led to the creation of a research culture which led to whole- school research projects and a regular Practitioner Research Seminar involving teachers from local authority and independent schools and universities. Throughout his educational life Martin has clearly taken on a wide range of responsibilities as a teacher, psychotherapist and counsellor: he has always been willing to undertake new work and to carry it out. Martin has underpinning experience of university education and in particular the training of teachers, school and college education, psychotherapy and children and young people with special support needs, relationships with parents and families, understanding of the teaching profession in practice, and international education. In his work as the Founder Director of the Ultimate People Empowerment Consultancy since 2008, Martin has continued to be a clear and passionate communicator in writing, in presentations and in personal communications. He has changed so many lives.

    Dr Judith McClure CBE Former Headteacher and Educationalist

    Martin has quite simply changed a young man’s life and with that improved our family life massively. Martin helped us in family sessions and with the boys individually - the results are better than we could have imagined. Worth every penny and I hope we do not need to use him again - but if we ever have to - in a bizarre way we would look forward to it. Thank you Martin


    Martin was my Academic Supporter on a postgraduate Teaching in Higher Education course, which I was required to undertake as a probationary lecturer at the University of Dundee. Without a doubt, Martin was the best thing about that course. His observations of my teaching were most valuable: he was sincere in his encouragement, constructive in his criticism and keen to make sure I was taking everything on board. Around the same time, I was completing my PhD thesis in law, in which Martin took a genuine interest although that wasn’t part of his formal role. He read chapter after chapter and provided reflective and inspiring comments. What’s more, he gave his unconditional support and encouragement at a time when it was most needed. His contribution to my PhD was nothing short of a motivational miracle. Indeed, Martin is one of the most extraordinary people I know. He never ceases to amaze me with his unique blend of energy, enthusiasm, genuine interest in people and willingness – and ability – to help!

    Dr Anastasia Vakulenko Lecturer in Law University of Dundee

    Since working at the University of Dundee, I have worked with Martin in a number of different ways. He was assigned to me as a mentor when I first started and has been invaluable to me in this role. His extensive experience of working in Higher Education combined with his skills as a mentor, were significant in ensuring my new career got off to the best possible start. Martin was very supportive and encouraging and was always there to offer the best possible advice and listen to me when I needed it most. I have also been fortunate to work alongside Martin on the BEd Primary course. We taught together on a 'Child Centred' elective module, a subject we both feel very strongly about. In many respects, this was a wonderful learning experience, not only for the students but for me as well. Listening to Martin speak from the heart is always an inspiring and captivating experience. His lectures are always memorable and his honesty and love of the subject in question ensures all who are listening fully realise the importance and impact of this on the individual. As well as working with students, we have also been involved with training professionals in mentoring. Again, Martin's knowledge, skill and delivery have ensured success and understanding in all participants. He really knows how to makes a positive and meaningful difference. Martin has inspired me in many ways, and I know this to be true of many others he has taught and worked alongside. He is a wonderful teacher, colleague, mentor and friend and I will always respect and regard him as such

    Erika Cunningham Teaching Fellow (Early Years) University of Dundee School of Education, Social Work and Community Education

    Martin Williams conducted Positive Parenting workshops at St George's School in Edinburgh, which offered the benefits of both expert counselling and peer support. Martin demonstrated remarkable initiative in organising the workshops, and sustained commitment in running them out of hours and over a period of years. His approach was informal but professional, imaginative but practical and constructive but incisive - perfect for the groups involved. His combination of experience and insight was reassuring for participants and led to rapid resolution. Although the workshops dealt with sensitive and sometimes difficult issues, everyone enjoyed taking part and felt better as a result.

    Catherine Smith Head of Strategy, BBC Scotland

    Myself and my husband where having marriage problems due to finding out my husband had been unfaithful, so I Googled for a marriage Counsellor and Martin's contact details popped up. I contacted Martin and he was happy to chat to me about what had been going on with the affairs of my husband had and what I had found by seeing phone messages. Martin then asked if I would like to set up an introductory ( free) meeting online. and then to setvup a meeting up with us both. So we arranged an online meeting with him in order to see how we would all would get on. We hit off straight away. Martin sat and listened to us both about the issues in our marriage, he also noticed that we both had issues that needed to be addressed from our childhood and he suggted that some single sessions could help with this and that if we would like them dealt with, he would be happy to do this as well as our couples counselling. So far the sessions have been a great help to me for understanding the issues that I hadn’t dealt with from childhood and they have also been a huge help in beginning to hwal and rebuild our marriage. Martin is a very understanding man and is not judgementalat all with what I and myvhusband Ollie have said to him. If anything, he has seen both sides of the problem that we were having. He would then help us to talk about the subjects and our problems and in this way Martin helped us to understand where and how things had and have been going wrong. I feel that, with the help of Martin, mine and my husband's marriage has grown stronger and more intimate and I think that it will now last for many years - for ever I hope! I am truly grateful to Martin for his help. He has really helped me and my husband to resolve our problems.

    Samantha Pulsford

    Martin has been helping My Wife and I rebuild our marriage after one of us was unfaithful. After a free Introductory Session with him via Video Call, he quickly realized that we both had personal issues which was having a dramatic effect on our marriage and was quite shocked that we was still together after 11 years of marriage and 21 years as a couple, and because of this wanted to help us so much. He sent us a Report from our Introductory Session to let us both know what he took away from the session and how he would like to help us to which we had a choice to agree to and start the counselling or not agree and walk away. Fortunately, Martin listened well and got it spot on, he made us feel relaxed when talking to him and like we could talk for hours with him about us both individually and as a couple. He is a little eccentric but we feel it helps us feel like he is a friend and one that we can be open with without being judged. He isn’t biased, he is staying neutral throughout the sessions which is great for both of us. In all honesty, I am going to be sad when our sessions come to an end, because he has already played a major part in helping get back onto the right tracks to see our marriage grow stronger than it ever has been. If you are trying to find a Marriage Counsellor, I cannot recommend Mr Martin Williams enough. He has hands on knowledge as well as from textbooks. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Martin for everything.


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